How To Know If You're In Love?

Am I In Love Quiz

Am I in Love?

Do you feel the first signs of falling in love? You start to get a sensation that feels better than anything else but at the same time makes you feel confused and nervous. You cannot stop thinking about him or her and analyze everything you have said or done when you are close to this particular person. You smile when you recall all of these moments. You puzzle over your personal feelings and keep asking yourself: 'how do I know if I'm in love?' to understand what is going on in your mind and heart. It feels so fresh and gives you a whole new perspective on your life. You believe you might be falling in love, but you aren't quite sure yet.

Signs You're In Love

How to know if you're in love? Falling in love is a beautiful feeling that nearly everyone gets to experience at some point. Many signs could indicate that you are falling in love. You might be willing to spend all your time and opening to this person. Smells, sights, or songs might remind you of him or her. You might start thinking about your future with this person. You might daydream about him or her. You might have also lost your sleep and appetite. The only person you desire is him or her.


What Is Love?

Love is a force of nature. It is uncontrollable, like the wind, the sun or the rain. We cannot force, request, dictate or take away love. Love is big, unpredictable, and free. Real love is unconditional. Love might start at the first sight but may also grow with time. Love is such a big deal that novelists write books and poetry about it; musicians compose love songs, and directors make romantic comedies. Love brings changes to our lives. Real love is life's essence.


How Do I Know I'm In Love?

It might be tricky to interpret your emotions and classify them as 'falling in love' or as just a transitory attraction. How can you tell the difference between falling deeply in love and just feeling some affinity? It might be very confusing, especially because sometimes, the signs of falling in love aren't what we would expect.


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We did our best to ensure the accuracy of this Love Test. However, please don't forget that it is just amusement. The results of the test are only indicative and cannot be the basis for any decisions.

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